The Uganda Society of Architects (USA), emerged initially from the East African Institute of Architects, Uganda Chapter - as it was called in 1952 - with its patron as the then President of Uganda Dr. Apollo Milton Obote. The Uganda chapter, at that time, was founded on the initiative of five prominent architects, G.C. Bodgner, R.C.W. Browning, R. Freeman, A.W.C. Inglus and T.W. Waston.

However, in 1966 the Uganda Society of Architects was formed after the Uganda Chapter streamlined itself from the East African Institute of Architects. The main objective of the Society was to bring together architects from all over Uganda in a union of their professional associations.

Since its establishment, the USA has produced an extensive series of practice, management and law reports on matters related to architectural practices and building in Uganda generally. The Society has also been actively engaged in many other areas including; building contracts, architects' fees, conditions of engagement, architects mannual, seminars, workshops, reports, liaison with other organizations and publication of books on practice matters in Uganda.

The Society, together with the Architects Registration Board, are the two professional institutional bodies for architects in Uganda. The Society is a member of the East Africa Institute of Architects (EAIA), Africa Union of Architects (AUA), Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA) and the International Union of Architects (UIA). The membership now encompasses Corporate, Graduate, Student, Visiting, Honorary and Technician membership categories with new Trustee and Technologist memberships to be incorporated soon as well as Landscape Architects and Interior Designers' chapters.